Troy Buck

Troy Buck

Tiger Tale Publishing is pleased to introduce you to Troy Buck (or Buck as he prefers to be called), the author of numerous novels and western stories. His first published novel, The Vigilante Grannies (©2011 by Troy Buck and Tiger Tale Publishing, Odessa, Texas) is a compelling suspense novel whose story line emulates America’s drug war and its impact on our country’s youth.  In the novel, five courageous grandmothers find themselves compelled to combat the drug dealers in their community by “taking matters into their own hands.” Much like a Sam Peckinpah movie, The Vigilante Grannies, deals with the conflict between right and wrong, and the violent and dangerous elements present in our everyday society.

Viewing his photo above, you can see that Buck is a true cowboy “Texas style”. He is a member of the American Quarter Horse Association, The American Paint Horse Association, and the Rodeo Cowboy Association. As a young man growing up in and around the small West Texas town of Andrews, Buck didn’t dream of writing the next great western novel. In fact, his explorations in writing began only a few years ago at the age of 62, after living most of his life as a rodeo cowboy and a truck driver. Fate intervened, unfortunately, and Buck ended up serving time in the Texas penitentiary. Over the twelve years he served, Buck transitioned from “Cowboy” to “Convict” to “Published Author”. He hand-wrote The Vigilante Grannies while existing within the confines of a 9’ x 5’ cell block and living among “. . . . . . some of the most ruthless convicts in the system.” Buck says, “Hopefully, to the readers, this book will encourage parents to be more aware of their kids and become more family-oriented.”

The Vigilante Grannies is available for purchase as a tradeback book, an e-book, and on this website. For additional information about Troy Buck, The Vigilante Grannies, or to schedule a speaking engagement for Buck, please contact us via the website or at Tiger Tale Publishing Company, 522 N Grant, Odessa, TX 79761.

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