Doodles the Series

On a rainy afternoon several years ago, Cynthia Clack and her nephew, James, decided to write stories. James wrote about his dog, Bear. Cynthia decided to write about a friend’s dog, Doodles.

Cynthia’s friend, Jo Lynn Embrey, did not like inside dogs and she hated “the goofy, French” haircut for poodles. When her daughter, Ashley, received a teacup poodle from Dad, Jo Lynn was determined that this little “dude” would look like an American poodle. Cynthia was present during many of Doodles’ antics as she relates them in Doodles the American Poodle.

In her desire to teach children lessons and open the door for discussions between children and parents, educators and counselors, Cynthia uses her incredible imagination to bring Doodles the American Poodle™ to life. Doodles the American Poodle™ becomes a celebrity, a hero, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist.

Doodles The American Hero was written for, and dedicated to, children whose parents serve in the U. S. military. After Denise Fleck Sober, whose husband, Joe, was an Army Ranger, was talking to Cynthia about the needs of children whose parents were sent overseas. In our test marketing and reading this manuscript to children from third through fifth grades, the children have responded enthusiastically with great understanding of world events.

The first book (coming soon), Doodles the American Poodle, is based upon real events of a little girl who is given a teacup poodle by her father. Mom says she has to train the tiny puppy or he cannot stay in the house and, of course, he is far too small to be an “outside” dog. Ashley names the ball of fluff “Doodles”. As she attempts to train him over the summer, Doodles gets into all kinds of mischief and creates a stir wherever he goes. Some things he seems to learn a little too well. The big question is: will Doodles learn his “basic” lesson or will he have to find another home? Children learn to accept responsibility from this entertaining and funny story as it is written from Ashley’s perspective.

The second book, Doodles the American Celebrity, is how the teacup poodle becomes a celebrity. The other animals, Tiny the Flying Chihuahua, Precious the Precocious Persian, and Samurai the Siamese, are introduced in this book. A lesson here is that the animals, cats and dogs, can get along together and become friends so humans should do the same. In addition to the other lessons, the animals represent different nationalities who have all become Americans. Doodles is still mischievous and into everything. Ashley also has very important lessons to learn in this story including the valuable one taught by her new neighbor, Eric, who injuries resulted in his need for a wheelchair.

The third book, Doodles the American Hero, was written for and dedicated to children whose parents serve in the military. It is a fun, entertaining way of explaining conflict to children and opens the door for parents, educators and counselors to talk to children about events in today’s world. There is a foul plot afoot to kidnap Doodles, American’s favorite celebrity. The animals thwart the evil Mr. Sad Dumb Insane’s first attempt by using their animal wiles. Alas, he kidnaps Doodles’ friend, Buster the Bulldog, and all the animals must leave immediately to rescue poor Buster. Ashley is beside herself with worry for her tiny pet. Ms. Clack uses Doodles to explain to tearful Ashley why her puppy and all the animals have left for their mission. Children have responded to this book with an amazing insight and understanding.

The fourth book, Doodles the American Entrepreneur, and fifth book, Doodles the American Philanthropist, are still in the creative stage. Ms. Clack is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to put written word on paper and will be adding to Doodles the American Poodle’s adventures as soon as she finds the time in her busy schedule of a full time law practice, writing screenplays and just trying to keep up with the character “Doodles” in Doodles the American Poodle™.

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