Nancy Deel







As the Office Manager for both the Cynthia L. Clack Law Firm and Tiger Tale Companies, Nancy Deel is a master of “wrangling”. What else would you call “tending or rounding up” every personnel and financial detail involved in these companies? She is a champion at multi-tasking, distinctly accomplished, efficient, and absolutely reliable – all traits of one who is vital to the success of both the law firm and Tiger Tale. Nancy is excited about the new chapters being written with our companies through the publishing, production, products, and properties, and she is very much appreciated by her colleagues.

A native Odessan, Nancy seldom goes anywhere that she isn’t recognized by friends and acquaintances. She has a contagious laugh and a great sense of humor, all to be expected of a woman who excels in such sports as badminton and mud wrestling.  Yes, it’s absolutely true!  Nancy has trophies in badminton as well as all the other sports in which she has participated. By the way, exactly where does one mud wrestle in Odessa, Texas?


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