The Vigilante Grannies

Bookcover300The Vigilante Grannies is a compelling suspense novel, concerning a group of grandmothers who take the law into their own hands to combat the drug dealers in their community. Alliances are made, battles are fought, and the peaceful community of Southland Heights will never be the same.

Troy Buck’s first published novel “The Vigilante Grannies” is a must read with ominous overpowering plot twists, characters doing the unimaginable, and suspense filled pages. Once you start reading “The Vigilante Grannies”, it will be hard to put down.

Troy’s main character Margie Filmore becomes overwhelmed every day she picks up and reads the morning paper, every day another young life is taken too early by overdosing on drugs. With the help of her friends Claudia, Carolyn, Juanita and Natalie, the group sets out to rid their neighborhood of thugs and drug dealers.

“All the street gangs I’ve heard of have names,” Natalie noted. “I know we aren’t going to be a street gang by any means, but at the same time, we are going to be an organization of sorts. Has anyone given any thought to what we are going to call ourselves?

“I have,” Claudia proudly blurted out. “How about The Vigilante Grannies?”


Four of The Vigilante Grannies stopped by to help Troy Buck at the Books in the Basin event

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