Eye of the Tiger

EyeoftheTigerWhere would you find angels, ghosts, murder trials, lawyers, soul mates and an international rock and roll band?  In the “Eye of the Tiger – A Rock Opera”, an original musical based upon the book and screenplay “The Other Side of Life – An Angel’s Story” written by Cynthia L. Clack.

At the end of a great war, the world is devastated by pain and destruction.  Two soul mates, HE and SHE, have decided to come to earth to help the people remember the music and justice.  But how will they find each other again?  HE says, “Listen to the music. I will send you love letters.”  SHE begins her quest for justice and HE becomes an international rock star. This intriguing story is told by guardian angels who use the author’s real life experiences from real events that occurred in Texas as SHE searches for her soul mate.

“Eye of the Tiger – A Rock Opera” features lyrics by Cynthia Clack and music by Randall Shafer. You can download songs from the show or the entire album by going to our music shop.


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