Kathryn French King

Kathryn French King

Kathryn French King has been an artist and horsewoman for most of her life. She began winning awards in art while still in high school and college. When the National Foundation Quarter Horse Association decided to publish its first magazine color, Kathryn’s painting and the story of her stallion, Mr. Peppy Le Pew, were chosen from over 2,000 entries. In 1996, she was inducted into an elite community of women by Who’s Who of American Women.

Kathryn was working as a freelance artist when she illustrated two of Cynthia Clack’s Doodles the American Poodle series manuscripts. She created the illustrations for the first and third books in the series, Doodles the American Poodle, and Doodles the American Hero, respectively. Kathryn has also created the cover artwork for another of Cynthia’s manuscripts. It is Kathryn’s brilliant rendition of the white tiger that graces the cover of the program for “Eye of the Tiger – A Rock Opera”. Within the face of the tiger are images of other animals, people, and symbols that are represented in the play and its music.

A highly respected and awarded artist, Kathryn’s work can be seen at the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum, the Museum of the Southwest, and on illustrated tile pieces for the Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Barton Warnock Environmental Education Center and Museum. When people purchase a tile for the Memorial Wall, they provide Kathryn with their vision for the artwork. She then paints and fires the tile, and submits it for installation. Kathryn creates art in all mediums, including jewelry. She has designed such stunning pieces that it would not be a surprise for anyone to see them in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, London, or anywhere else on a global scale.

This phenomenally talented woman is also an accomplished horse breeder. She is a former Board member of the Tri-County Horseman Association; a member of the American Quarter Horse Association; and has taught Western and English horseback riding.  Kathryn loves to sing, tell stories, and read to children. She provides equine therapy for children, and is raising gentle donkeys as therapy animals for those who are emotionally, mentally, and physically challenged. When not taking care of horses, donkeys, cats, and new puppies, Kathryn’s passion is to create her art. She says, “I have so many ideas, I can hardly wait for them to run down my arm, through my fingers, down the brush, and onto the papers!”



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