Luke Gunnstaks

Luke Gunnstaks

Dallas family law attorney C. “Luke” Gunnstaks is “Of Counsel” at The Law Office of Cynthia L. Clack, where he applies his considerable skills and expertise in, among other areas of the law, the field of Entertainment Law. Luke has also represented Texans in high-profile divorces and family law cases since 1991. He has won several landmark cases involving conflict and issues in marital property, child custody, child support and attorney’s fees. Luke’s forte’ is handling high-conflict cases that allow him to use his litigation skills to zealously represent his clients in their legal battles, and to win!

Prior to law school, Luke was in the entertainment business, touring Texas and beyond with his various high-profile performing acts, including a stint with the band, “Vince Vance and the Valiants”. No doubt those experiences served him very well in preparing him for the high’s and low’s of the legal profession.

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