Caleb Dopp

Caleb Dopp

Caleb Dopp is the Senior Member of our Health and Wellness Team. He’s not “all work and no play” – instead, his training philosophy is “let’s work, and then play!”

Caleb is the owner of Caleb’s Personal Training, and he began his personal training career at the “ripe old age” of fourteen, when he trained a classmate who was bullied and teased because he was overweight. During summer vacation, Caleb invited his classmate to work out with him. After a summer of five-day workouts, including a hard regimen of running several miles and extensive weight training, Caleb’s classmate lost a significant amount of weight. When Caleb saw the difference this accomplishment made in his classmate’s life, he not only felt a real sense of accomplishment, he found his life’s “calling”:  to succeed as a professional trainer in health and wellness.

He was recommended to the law office and Tiger Tale by one of his success stories who also is a member of our team: Judy Kinsfather. When we saw the significant impact of personal training on Judy’s health and appearance, we knew that Caleb was exactly the trainer we needed for our business Health and Wellness Team. We called, Caleb came, and for a little more than a year, he has supported and trained us by sharing his expertise in designing individualized programs for exercise and nutrition, and his enthusiasm and zest for life. He believes that “the right training and diet can change not only how you look, but how you feel both physically and mentally. This can change your whole outlook.” To which we heartily reply, “Amen! And thanks, Caleb.”

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