Karen Lee Crume

Karen Lee Crume

Karen Crume recently joined the Law Office of Cynthia L. Clack and Tiger Tale Companies as a clerical assistant. She has been a resident of Midland, Texas, her entire life.   Although the majority of the years her three children were growing up, she worked as a full-time “stay-at-home” mom, supporting the kids’ activities in school, sports, and the community, these, were not her only responsibilities. For 22 years, Karen helped run a very popular art gallery which she co-owned with her children’s father. Because it was located in Midland, the gallery’s reputation was as the premier art gallery located between other renowned art communities in Dallas and Santa Fe.

Karen’s extensive experience in the art world, as well as her contacts with national and international artists, makes her a wonderful asset to the team at Tiger Tale. She will minimize the importance of this experience because she primarily considers herself to be a “hands-on” type of woman. Her true passion is “playing” in her yard and her garden. Karen often says, “I just can’t get enough of playing in the dirt!”

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