Troy Buck

Troy Buck

As a young boy Troy grew up in the small West Texas town of Andrews, Troy seemed destined to continue his father’s legacy as a horse trainer. Buck, as we call him, spent twelve years as a bull rider and calf roper in the rodeo circuit. As his rodeo days came to an end Buck began a new journey traveling the countryside in a Kenworth diesel truck hauling goods from one side of the country to the other. Then on one fateful night his life changed suddenly. The accident resulted in his spending twelve years of his life in a Texas penitentiary. The only thing that gave him solace was to pick up a pen and write. Just like the many stories Buck has written his life has taken many twists and turns.

Troy is fast becoming a local celebrity here in Odessa, Texas. He was asked to be a guest author for Books in the Basin, an Ector County Library Event, he has appeared on local radio stations here in Odessa, and in November 2012 he was a featured guest on talk show host Kathryn Raaker’s nationally syndicated radio show “Let’s Just Talk!

Troy Buck welcomes the opportunity to talk about his life experiences, share his thoughts of what is happening in our country today, and his journey to writing his novels.

Look for more of Buck’s exciting novels to be published in the near future…


[mp3-jplayer tracks=”Two Steppin Blues@″ width=”450px” height=”120px” images=”” style=”dark bars100 btransbars” pos=”rel-L” dload=”n” autoplay=”y” captions=”Lyrics by Cynthia L.Clack and Music by Randall Shafer” list=”n”]

Two Steppin’ Blues
Cynthia L. Clack

Working night and day my skin got pale
The further behind my finances fell
As the old saying goes
From those hard working Joes’
It was one step forward and two steps back
Enough to give me a heart attack
Yes, one step forward and two steps back

I ask myself why I’m doing this
Thought I’d achieve my ultimate bliss
Didn’t even get a goodnight kiss
Enjoyment of life is what I miss
When going one step forward and two steps back
And everyone around me giving some flack
That’s going one step forward and two steps back

So I read that book from the Oprah show
That self-help secret everyone should know
I can honestly say it helped a lot
And my bad luck is almost forgot
Now it’s two steps forward and one step back
So it’s not exactly the torture rack
When going two steps forward and one step back

He thought he got the swing of things
When he bought that girl some pretty rings
But those wedding bells turned ugly mush
And the divorce lawyer made such a fuss
So life sent him sideways and gave a twirl
Messed up fairy tale of a boy and girl
Going step, step sideways then add a twirl

This life’s confusing and quite the mess
With a garage sale bargain wedding dress
The road is not straight in the way to romance
In analyzing such it’s more like a dance
Yes, it’s one step forward and two steps back
Side-step, side-step life’s starting to advance
Next it’s two steps forward and one step back
Another side-step, side-step twirl as you prance

Don’t look at life as a road or a race
Rather a beautiful dance with a smile on your face
When taking a blow make bow and a turn
Land a great big kiss on the lips of that girl
When it’s one step forward and two steps back
Realize in truth there’s nothing we lack
When going one step forward and two steps back

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