Doodles the American Hero

SKMBT_C35313012115410Doodles the American Hero features Doodles, a teacup poodle, which after achieving success and fame as an American Poodle brings down a crime ring with the help of his four legged friends.

Doodles the American Hero, was written for and dedicated to children whose parents serve in the military and our “first responders”.  It is a fun, entertaining way of explaining conflict to children and opens the door for parents, educators and counselors to talk to children about events in today’s world. There is a foul plot afoot to kidnap Doodles, American’s favorite celebrity. The animals thwart the evil Mr. Sad Dumb Insane’s first attempt by using their animal wiles. Alas, he kidnaps Doodles’ friend, Buster the Bulldog, and all the animals must leave immediately to rescue poor Buster. Ashley is beside herself with worry for her tiny pet. Ms. Clack uses Doodles to explain to tearful Ashley why her puppy and all the animals have left for their mission. Children have responded to this book with an amazing insight and understanding.

Along with the book we have an array of fun Doodles keepsakes for the Doodles fan, including T-shirts, backpacks, patches, mugs and more…

We also have an amazing opportunity for you to use the Doodles books and products for fundraising. Please check our “Doodles the American Hero” page and see how Cynthia’s children’s book was used to help the Odessa Police Department.


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