Cynthia L. Clack


Owner – President – Author – Publisher – Poet, Screenplay Writer, and Musical Lyricist – Producer – Public Speaker – Teacher – Philanthropist:  Just a few of many words describing one beautiful, brilliant and talented woman, Cynthia Leah Clack, the owner and President of Tiger Tale Companies.

The world premier of Cynthia’s musical, “Eye of the Tiger – A Rock Opera”, took place in July, 2005, at the historic Globe of the Great Southwest Theater in Odessa, Texas. The musical is based upon Cynthia’s autobiographical book and screenplay The Other Side of Life – An Angels’ Story, in which she weaves a tale using her own personal life experiences as they are intimately connected to the 25 songs she co-wrote with Randall Shafer.  Many of those songs were selected by members of the Tiger Tale team to be played for website viewers reading the staff biographies. Each of the chosen songs has either a special personal meaning for its team member, or as we say in Texas, “I just plain loved it!”

Other of Cynthia’s literary accomplishments include a screenplay titled “Small Matters”, a quirky comedy where a lapse in behavioral etiquette lands an up-and-coming symphonic conductor in a city inhabited entirely by little people. Cynthia has also written two of a five-part series of children’s books, Doodles The American Poodle and Doodles The American Hero. She generously donates her time, and often her books, to school children around Texas by reading her books at their schools.

Now, let’s mention a few other words describing Cynthia Clack:  Licensed Texas Attorney, Board Certified in Family Law. Cynthia has been practicing law in Odessa for over thirty years, representing clients in a variety of high-profile cases including murder trials, multi-million-dollar divorces and child custody cases, child abuse cases, medical malpractice lawsuits and catastrophic personal injury cases. Some of those cases appear in “Eye of the Tiger – A Rock Opera”. Please see our reference section to view portions of the newspaper articles written about the cases.

Cynthia is a frequent speaker for legal seminars and has compiled an “Office Management” seminar which she teaches to attorneys either individually or in group settings. She has written and produced the nationally-distributed video, “Divorce – Considerations Before You Hire An Attorney.” Cynthia works with several non-profit groups in the community, and she has served on the Board of Directors for Goodwill – West Texas, as well as a Director on the Board for Midland/Odessa Symphony and Chorale.

Finally, just a few more words about Cynthia L. Clack:  Generous – Funny – Quirky and Stylish – Professional – Dedicated – Loyal – Friend. Cynthia is committed to fulfilling her Life’s Purpose by serving as an example to people all over the world that “Yes, you can succeed by doing the right thing!” If ever given the opportunity to meet Cynthia personally, take it. It’s an experience you will not soon forget.

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