Keena Powell


The beautiful and talented Keena Powell is the Fashion Designer for Tiger Tale Companies’ Courageous Clothing of Texas line. Her background in Fashion Design includes a memorable education from Texas Tech University, where she earned the Outstanding Fashion Designer Award. As a contestant at the Fashion Group of Dallas Career Day Competition, sponsored by the Fashion Industry Foundation and the Paris Fashion Institute, Keena won a highly coveted scholarship to study at the Paris Fashion Institute in France.

After college, Keena worked in California in the ready-to-wear industry in Los Angeles. She taught design at Brooks College in Long Beach, and she mass-produced a line of tall women’s clothing under her own name label, Keena.  Upon her return to Texas, Keena continued to create beautiful, unique works of art, and she was overjoyed to have the extraordinary opportunity of designing for Courageous Clothing of Texas.

Keena embraces the mission of discerning God’s greater purpose for her life and talents by encouraging and empowering women. She is currently creating a line of high-end evening wear which she plans to mass-produce in order to support specific charitable causes. Her volunteer work enables Keena to share her talents by teaching people a viable trade.

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